Jonothon Starsmore was one of the many young mutants recruited by Magneto to be trained as the next generation of X-Men, dubbed Generation Next, under the tutelage of Colossus and Shadowcat. In order to contain his powerful mutant psi-powers, Jono was quipped with a special chest harness. Jono formed a strong relationship with his teammates and a romantic relationship with fellow Gen Nexer Paige Guthrie.

Magneto sent the young team to the Portland core to rescue Colossus's long lost sister Illyana as her latent mutant abilities were required to repair their fractured universe.[1] Along with his teammate Skin, Chamber sneaked into the Portland Core disguised as one of its security guards while other members of the group infiltrated the facility in other ways[2]. Paige and Vincente stumbled upon Jono and Skin while posing as the warden Quietus. When the Core master Sugar Man came upon the group, he demanded that "Quietus" eliminate the intruders.[3] Forced to blow their cover, Jono used his powers to seemingly slay him with a single blast. As they were escaping, Illyana was passed off to Colossus and Shadowcat who managed to get the girl to safety. Jono and Skin were dragged away by an angry mob. The remaining members of Generation Next were abandoned by Colossus.[4]

Paige, the sole survivor, later confirmed that Jono and the others were all killed.[5]


Psionic Biokinesis


Chest Harness.

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