Working in America, Jonothon Cayre saw the Air Walker, Herald of Galactus, fighting Thor. When Thor destroyed it, he recovered a small piece of the robot, recognising its self-regenerative abilities, and allowed the fragment to grow so that he could harvest it's power, and build his own Air Walker.

Acquiring an L.M.D, Norm, in America, he returned to Scotland and began by creating a prototype Air Walker which failed, and he abandoned it in a vault beneath his house. His second Robot was much more successful, closely matching the original Air Walker, and able to wield the Power Cosmic. He then tried to use the self regenerating technology on himself, but it rejected him, constantly killing and resurrecting him, but giving him the power to control his molecular structure and unravel DNA. Driven mad, he destroyed the village of Carrin’s Hollow in Scotland, by unravelling the DNA of the inhabitants. He then unleashed his plan, releasing the Air Walker to destroy, as well as his L.M.D Norm, who he armed with a nuclear bomb. He himself went to a pub, where the patrons hid him out of fear.

Later, the Phoenix arrives and, with the patrons being unhelpful, she washes them away by opening all the kegs of beer in the pub, until they point out Dr Cayre. He has mutated into a new creature, the result of his failed experimenting on himself. He releases a fluid from his hands, that unravels the DNA of everyone left in the room except Phoenix, who shields herself. He begins to work his way through her shield, until she slams a pool table on top of him. He oozes out from underneath, and tries to leave, knowing that they can’t kill each other. As Phoenix steps on a glass shard, she has an idea. She traps him in a glass prison, that is taken to W.H.O so they can attempt to cure him.


  • Ability to control his molecular structure and unravel DNA.

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