The population of Almost Reno, New Mexico, were rendered sterile by atomic tests. In an effort to control mutantkind, Odysseus Indigo's Damocles Foundation approached them, and offered to return their ability to have children. The Damocles Foundation injected the townspeople with both mutant and deviant DNA, which restored their fertility and ensured that any of their children would be born superhuman, and thus ideal test subjects for Indigo.

One of these children was Jonathan McFee, who had the ability to generate fire with a snap of his fingers. He was a friend of the girl called Mary, and it was to her he first revealed his powers. Unfortunately, his powers destabilized the next day, and he was consumed by them. His death prompted X-Force to investigate the town and the Foundation.[1]


Jonathan was a pyrokinetic able to generate small amounts of fire from the friction of his snapped fingers.


Like most of the Deviant/mutant hybrid he suffered from unstable genetics.

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