Jonas Keller was a successful soldier in the United States Army, thanks to his precognitive powers, and he was eventually made the youngest Colonel in Army history and transferred to Special Forces, as a part of which he vanished in the Middle East.

He resurfaced Stateside as leader of the white supremacist group W.A.R., which he started not because he was a racist, but simply to prove he could get people willing to die and kill for him under his power. When W.A.R. bombed the Los Angeles Airport, the Army brought in Cable to take Keller down.

Keller, as it turned out, wanted to meet Cable, and set events in motion so that he could. He arranged for several of his own men to die in a suicide bombing on Cable, which he knew Cable could survive. Cable read the mind of a badly-injured survivor of the bombing to learn Keller's location and confronted him. Keller bragged about the success his powers had brought him to Cable, and Cable, in response, telepathically removed his powers. He then left Keller alone and Keller shot himself.



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