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A disgraced surgeon, he began his unconventional surgery to give powers to amongst others Hammerhead and Kangaroo. After these failures he implanted a device in the brain of Will O' The Wisp in order to make him participate as an agent in his master plan which wasn't further explained.

Later on he used another device to control the Daily Bugle workers' minds, specially J. Jonah Jameson, but Spider-man thwarted Harrow's plan again and he was sent to Ryker's Island jail.

Jonas Harrow was hired by the Hood to take advantage of the split in the superhero community caused by the Superhuman Registration Act. He helped invent a power drainer based on a prototype made by Iron Man. When the Hood lost his powers after being defeated by the New Avengers, Harrow attempted to use the power drainer as a bargaining chip to replace the Hood among Norman Osborn's Cabal. Osborn called Harrow in to operate on Luke Cage, and secretly planted a miniture bomb on Cage's heart. However, the Hood soon returned, with new powers granted by the Norse Norn Stones, and blew Harrow's head off with a single magically charged bullet.[1]


Scientific genius, expert in genetics, cybernetics, mechanics and surgery


Variator Beam (insanity inducing weapon).

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