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Jon Favreau

Harold Hogan (Earth-199999)

Real Name
Jonathan Kolia Favreau
Jon Favreau

Marvel Studios

Iron Man (film)

Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas

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Place of Birth
New York City , New York , United States of America

Date of Birth

October 19, 1966

Professional History

Jon Favreau was the director and executive producer of the 2008 Iron Man feature film. Favreau also had a cameo appearance in the film as Tony Stark's chauffeur Happy Hogan. For Marvel Comics, Jon Favreau wrote the four-issue limited series Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas, but it was cancelled after issue #2. The first issue of the series shipped the week following the world premiere of the Iron Man movie. He also directed the sequel Iron Man 2 and reprised his role as Happy Hogan, only this time he had a larger role as the character. Although he didn't direct Iron Man 3, he reprised his role as Happy Hogan, and is planned to again reprise his role in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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