Tuxedo armor had formal attire including a top hat.

Inviso-Armor provided better invisibility compared to the cloaking of the Stealth armor, but ended too loud and unwieldy to be used in public. Stark also had problems with the armor's internal controls, as they also turned invisible.

A Self-Contained Cataclysmic Environment Module or Doomsday Armor with a a "mono-vario-omni-beam" for post nuclear war scenarios.

The Christmas Tree armor possessed multiple ports for lights and ornaments as well as a star beacon for the helmet. Tested at the Stark office Christmas party.

Heavy Digging armor was basically a large drill; Stark got trapped in testing and required James Rhodes' assistance to dig it out.

A rack prototype of the Modular Armor with optional parts placed on hangars.

Incomplete notes from a bar napkin revealed a Tachyon-powered space armor. Apparently Stark used it to enter Kree airspace after a heavy night of drinking. It was placed in a hidden location.

Umbrella Armor was a failed attempt to further miniaturize storage beyond a suitcase.

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