The origins of the enigmatic being known as Johnston Coffin are unknown, but he is believed to be a powerful mutant. In 1968, he was contacted by the United States government to construct a maximum-security prison for disobedient teenagers, until it was closed due to unknown "circumstances" in 1973. He kept three children who were inmates in that prison, however, and over the years modified them into cyborgs, keeping them in perpetual agony while brainwashing them to serve only him. Several decades later, SHIELD attempted to arrest him for crimes against humanity, but he easily defeated and killed the entire team of arresting officers. It is also known that the CIA tried to kill him at some point, but the attempt failed and Coffin killed, stuffed, and mounted the attempted assassin in his office.[1]

Years later, at the height of the paranoia over teenage violence that followed the Columbine massacre, Coffin was once again charged by the government with opening a "House of Correction" for disobedient teenagers. His methods were brutal; any child who committed any form of disobedience could be abducted by Coffin's agents at any time and held indefinitely, and the penalty for attempting to escape was death. After a string of disappearances of teenagers were linked by Husk to the same point in the middle of the desert, Generation X decided to investigate Coffin's operation.[2]

Upon arriving at the House of Correction, Generation-X easily overpowered the rank-and-file guards, with Skin taking one captive to lead him to Coffin. Coffin ordered the guards to stand down, and turned loose the "Special Children," the cyborg teens from the '68 prison, now little more than living corpses wired up to massive machinery. Meanwhile, Skin confronted Coffin, who revealed his powers and effortlessly overpowered him, battering him with torrents of energy. Skin was only saved by the timely arrival of Banshee; as the other members of Generation-X below sadly euthanized the "Special Children," Banshee used his sonic scream to propel Coffin off the House of Correction's top floor, from which he plummeted to his death. Subsequently, all the children in his captivity were freed and reunited with their families.[1]


The exact extent of Coffin's powers is unknown, but it is known that he can at least levitate, endure a superhuman amount of bodily harm, has enhanced reflexes, and can generate through unknown means blasts of purple concussive energy resembling small hurricanes.[3][4]


It is known that Coffin has used a gun at least once in the past, but later seemed to eschew conventional weapons in favor of his superhuman abilities.[3]

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