Quote1 I would pray now. A lot. Quote2
-- Ghost Rider src

When the Marvel universe and the Capcom universe had been merged into one planet in an attempt by Galactus to devour two worlds at once, Ghost Rider appeared in an attempt to fight back the dark forces.

After Galactus' defeat, he, with the assistance of two demon hunters from the Capcom universe, attempted to break his contract with Mephisto. It is unknown if he was successful.


Seemingly those of the Johnny Blaze of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Johnny Blaze of Earth-616.

  • In his ending, Ghost Rider teams up with Dante and Trish in his ending and ventures to Hell, musing on the benefits of the two merged worlds. They manage to subdue Mephisto and threaten him to terminate Ghost Rider's contract, else his life is forefeit.

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