John Tensen, who has no family, is an NYPD detective who barely survives a shootout. Declared "98% dead," a bullet still lodged in his brain, he lies in a hospital bed, monitored by a male nurse. When the White Event occurs, the unconscious Tensen floats in midair, a lightning bolt scar glowing to life on his chest. He awakens, immediately aware of the nurse's name and able to read the memories of previous "mercy killings" in his mind. Sickened, he kills the nurse with a large knife, then writes "JUSTICE" on the wall with his blood.

Later John Tensen ponders over the changes in his life. Once a police officer, John has become a criminal and continues to see things people have done, good and bad. He decides to find and kill the people who shot him before turning himself in, choosing to find justice. A beat cop finds and recognises him, mistakenly assuming that he is reaching for a gun when he reaches for his notepad. Tensen instinctively throws up a transparent blue shield which deflects the bullet, then throws the cop to the ground, using his powers for the first time. Later John Tensen finds the gang members who killed him and uses his ability to create light constructs to brutally execute them.[1]

John appears again, now clearly mentally unbalanced and talking to himself. His ability to view the sins of all he sees is slowly convincing him that the world is full of guilty people. From the top of a building looking down on people in the street, he can see the sins and repressed guilt of each and every one. Determining that their sins outweigh the values of their lives, Tensen conjures several dozen of his solid-light "blades" and hurls them into the crowded street, slaughtering all present. He expresses no remorse, stating "I'm not sorry." He carves the word "Justice" into the pavement with a blade before ascending a staircase in the sky created by several of his conjured shields. The spree killing is later determined to be the work of a rooftop sniper.[2]


Ability to create psionic "shields" and psionic "swords", Ability to read auras

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