Dr. John Storm was a brilliant scientist who worked in relative seclusion in his mountain top mansion, his faithful dog Rex as his own companion. One night while working late in his lab, he was inexplicably attacked by a giant ape. His dog Rex would leap to his defense, and in doing so would undergo a strange reaction that would cause the canine's face to change into a skull-like appearance. Rex would slay the giant ape, but sustain mortal injuries and die. Finding the transformation incredible, Storm would extract the chemicals found in his beloved pet's blood.

This would be the first of a series of amazing coincidences that would occur that night. The second of these would come in the form of Laslo Pevely, who was en route to a formal engagement when he would end up in a car accident. Struck with amnesia he would seek assistance at Storm's home, only to pass out at his door step. Justifying that the man was stricken with amnesia, Storm would inject the chemical he found within Rex's body into Pevely's body. As he watched for results, Storm would be visited by mobsters seeking to enlist his medical expertise to the benefit of their criminal empire. When Storm would refuse, they would begin beating him. As the beating went on Pevely would awaken and enraged by the sight would transform into a monstrous form that one of the mobsters would call a "terror".

Chasing after the fleeing crooks, Pevely would beat them all to death and then return to Storm's side. Storm, fatally injured would leave Laslo his resources and implore him to use his fantastic powers to fight evil. Pevely would agree to do so, taking the name of the Terror. Storm would die shortly thereafter.


Although his ethics and rationale for experiments are questionable, John Storm was a brilliant scientist with an expertise in biology.


Storm had a full stocked lab for his experiments.

No explanation was given as to why an ape suddenly broke into Storm's home and attacked him. Given his profession, it is entirely possible that the ape was a test animal that broke free from its confines.

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