Fast John Silver had a reputation of being one of the fastest guns in the west. He would sell his services to anyone who would meet his price and earned a fortune throughout his career. Alvah Bradley was amazed at the speed of Silver's gunhand when he witnessed him gun down a man in a little trail town in the New Mexico territory and offered him five thousand dollars to gun down Red Wolf. Bradley wanted Red Wolf out of the way because he was a champion of the rights of both red men and white, and would not allow any war or disturbance of the peace break out between the two groups. Bradley owned one of the largest cattle ranches in the territory and wanted access to a large watering hole known as the Pah-Pana, which was sacred to the Cheyenne tribes. The only way he could access the area was to run off the natives, which meant having to get Red Wolf out of the picture before he could proceed.

Silver accepted the offer, found Red Wolf and gunned him down, leaving him for dead. Red Wolf, however, survived as the bullet struck his medicine pouch which was full of pieces of stone and iron, saving his life. Nonetheless, believing Red Wolf to be dead, Silver and the rest of Bradley's men ran the natives out of the Pah-Pana and aimed to remain there to ensure that the natives did not return. This nearly started a war between the Indians and whites as the Cheyenne viewed this as a direct violation of the peaceful relations beween the two groups. Once again, Johnny Wakely set out as Red Wolf to investigate why the natives had taken up arms against the settlers. After having to confront a war party, Red Wolf learned the reason for the Cheyenne hostilities and came up with a plan to get rid of Bradley's men.

Red Wolf painted twigs and leaves with phosphorus to give them a ghostly glow and pulled ropes to make them appear to move. He even shot arrows painted in phosphorus at the men, causing them to belive that the eerie figures were ghosts of dead Indian braves and fled in terror from the Pah-Pana. John Silver did not fall for the ploy but decided that he could not fight an invisible enemy and left with the other men. As they rode off, Red Wolf intercepted them and captured them all with the exception of Silver, who vowed to finish the job he started when next they met. Red Wolf decided to find Silver, rather than let him pick the time when they next met and followed his trail. As Red Wolf was checking Silver's tracks, Silver himself had backtracked and lied in ambush in the hills with a rifle, though the silver buttons on his hat reflected in the sunlight warning Red Wolf of the ambush just in time. He then snuck up the rocks behind Silver, disarmed him and fought him hand to hand, easily defeating the gunslinger. He then took Silver back to Fort Rango to be tried on charges of instigating an Indian War and both he and Bradley were sent to the territorial jail.




Fast John Silver was reportedly one of the fastest gunslingers of the old west.




Pistols, rifle

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