Quote1 The world's afraid of you, Mr. Brashear. They have visions of a vengeful, super-powered negro taking over the world. ... I'm asking you to stand down. To cease all your activities as the Blue Marvel. Effective immediately. We can't have you operating anymore. Quote2
-- John Kennedy src

John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States.[1]

World War II

During World War II, he served as commander of a motor Torpedo boat and met Captain Savage's Leatherneck Raiders once.[2]


The Invaders were in Boston when they uncovered a plot by the rogue android Adam II to replace world leaders with android doubles. In the effort to rescue a young Senatorial candidate, John F. Kennedy, the mission succeeded but Captain America (William Naslund) lost his life.[3]


In 1962, Blue Marvel received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from JFK on the day the President asked him to retire; it had been discovered by the public that he is an African-American. As the Blue Marvel, Brashear wore a full-face helmet - but when it was damaged in a battle, his identity was revealed. A massive controversy ensued as the America of 1962 was too racist to accept a black super-man. The President reluctantly decided to ask Brashear to step back. Torn between myriad considerations, the Blue Marvel conceded.[4]

When Doctor Doom threatened to wage a one-man war against the US unless he received a post in the President's Cabinet, President Kennedy rejected it. Doom then caused chaos among the country's electrical and electronic devices. The Joint Chiefs of Staff asked the Fantastic Four for help, which was provided.[5]


On Friday, November 22nd, 1963, JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by a lone gunman identified as Lee Harvey Oswald. The exact details and the truth of the incident still remained a mystery. [6]

Wolverine was in Texas in 1963 and watched the events on television. The biker bar he was in, mourned the death of the president. His new friends warned him that if he remained alone he could end up a nut job like Lee Harvey Oswald.[6]

The Winter Soldier had links to a dozen assassinations over the last six decades, and circumstantial evidence connecting him to dozens more in the same period. It was claimed he shot JFK but he was replaced by a Skrull Infiltrator and subsequently killed by S.H.I.E.L.D. before he could start World War III.[7]

Captain America later pointed out to Nick Fury that JFK was killed by "Cuban Nationalists" but it was covered up to prevent war. This was brought up to convince Nick Fury to keep quiet about a WMD that the United States developed during World War II that would kill everyone except people who possessed the "insect gene", a weapon which Queen currently had in her possession.[8]


Years after Kennedy's death, the Jester kidnapped a technician to make him create fake footage he broadcasted as real, including images suggesting that President Kennedy and his brother were still alive, hidden because of an international conspiracy, and several others (such as the fact that Vietnam War never existed and was a cover for illegal wars, and footage to ridicule D.A. Franklin Nelson before the elections) to boost the conspiracy-minded fear in the population.[9]


Years later he returned as a Zombie along with other zombified U.S. presidents.[10].

  • Cameo appearance; seen viewing Dr. Strange's ransom demands on television.[1]
  • He had a cameo appearance with his brother Robert F. Kennedy.[11]
  • It is interesting to note that his assassination was never mentioned in the Marvel Universe around the time it actually happened.

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