John Crutherss was a 17th century pirate who, upon his capture, was exiled to live out the rest of his years on an uncharted pacific island. Finding a bunch of natives that lived there, Crutherss was welcomed as one of their own and he eventually twisted them to take up the same twisted ideals that made him a pirate and trained them how to fight. Eventually in his old age he succumbed to a tropical fever. On his death bed he told his followers to avenge his death by becoming pirates as well.

Crutherss' legacy would finally see fruition in the 1940's when his descendants would build a ship and become notorious pirates causing many American ships to go missing. However, the Eternal Makkari -- then in his identity as the 1940's crime fighter known as Hurricane -- would confront the pirates and demand that they cease their activities. When they refused to do so, he summoned a great storm that would wash them away.


In his prime Crutherss was a ruthless and skilled pirate and an ample fighter.


In his prime Crutherss wielded a cutlass.

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