Director Jin is the commanding officer for the special organized team known as the Habit Heroes. She tasked them with the recent invasion of the Habit Hazards in New York City and the reason behind the mysterious device the Hazards are using to drain all of the different kinds of energies there.

After her team defeated numerous Hazard monsters, she sent them to Stark Tower to free hostage Tony Stark, and have him finish building the scanner so they can find the source of the energy consumption. Stark notified Jin on what the Hazards were using the weapon for, to open up a portal to another dimension. Along with Iron Man, Jin ordered her team to intercept and stop their plans from taking fruition, which resulted in the defeat of the monster that came through the portal, and the dispersion of the portal itself.[1]


Neuralkinesis: Jin possess the ability through her power band to psionically transfer her neural energy to other people to stimulate the brain's motor functions to make them become more active physically and mentally.

Pyschokinesis: Jin can also create focused psychokinetic blasts from her hands to push objects at either fast or slow speeds away from her to disperse the enemy. She can also levitate herself off the ground to simulate flight.


The Power Band's energy can be depleted if the user does not participate in any kind of leadership activity.



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