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An experienced bootlegger and a former lover of this world's Jean Grey. He was the one who scratched out and scarred the left eye of Scott Summers, the current leader of the renegade X Men. It is revealed that he tends to spend more than half of his time drunk, to his First Mate's chargin.


Portable claw weapons for self-defense.


Since he is called "Captain" by his First Mate, it can be assumed that he has his own ship.


Claws are an actual weapon, not part of his skeleton.

A gaping continuity error exists in X-men Noir: Mark of Cain and Wolverine Noir. In Mark of Cain, it is shown that Wolverine is a bootlegger whose past in never explored. In Wolverine Noir, he is shown as a detective with a gritty past concerning his gruesome upbringing in a Catholic family. One thing of notice is that in the two comics, the two Wolverines each share one of the two given names of the Prime Wolverine. (I.E: James Howlett and Logan respectively) Therefore, which story (and in turn which Wolverine) is actually canon to the Noir Universe is unknown as of yet. Also note that all above information in this article currently pertains to the X-Men: Noir version.

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