Jillian is a servant of Azazel, the father of the X-Men's Nightcrawler. She is capable of flight and carries a spear. Jillian, Yidrazil and others accompanied Azazel as they were teleported to his island on Earth. There they encountered the X-Men, who had come looking for Nightcrawler. In the middle of the confrontation, Jillian, Azazel, and the others were sent back to their dimension, with the X-Men not far behind. In a standoff with the mutant team, Jillian, who is contemptuous against angels, attacked Archangel. She was fought off and beaten back by Husk and Nightcrawler. After Azazel stopped the battle between his army and the X-men, they were escorted away. Jillian admitted to Nightcrawler she found him attractive. After Azazel's plan failed, she and the other Neyaphem remained in their dimensional prison.

On Earth-8280 she is listed as being a daughter of Azazel. Whether she is a biological offspring or adopted is unknown.


Jillian has large, bat-like wings allowing her to engage in self-propelled flight; heightened aerial agility and reflexes make her highly adept at flying and areal combat.


Skilled with her spear





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