Not much is known about the Jester, he was a criminal who was active during the late 1940s. He fancied himself the funniest man alive, although his jokes were very terrible. In 1948 he heard a radio broadcast of the Lee School's gag-writing competition hosted by teacher Jeff Mace, awarding the prize of $1000 to Dorothy Graham. Furious that he did not win, the Jester decided to commit a series of crimes to prove that he was the funniest person.

His first target was wealthy Elwell Cluyon whose pet dog (a Mongolian breed) was stolen and held for ransom. The Jester left a bad joke and made a ransom demand which Cluyon paid in full. For his next robbery, the Jester and his gang attacked the home of Dorothy Graham to steal her prize money as it was being delivered by Jeff Mace and Fred Davis Jr. The Jester doused the lights and stole the money. Mace and Davis attacked the Jester as Captain America and Bucky, but the Jester managed to escape, leaving another one of his bad jokes behind. He then sought to steal Jeff Mace's first edition of Joe Miller's gag-writing book. He then attacked Mace's apartment, and despite further interference from Captain America and Bucky, managed to escape with the valuable first edition.

However, the Jester's desire for fame and recognition proved to be his undoing. He fell for a trap laid out by Captain America where the Jester was lured to a local radio station to steal the Hen's Egg Diamond which was being worn at another award announcement for Dorothy Graham. When the Jester found himself at a live radio broadcast, he postponed his robbery in order to tell his jokes over the radio. Captain America and Bucky soon arrived and the Jester attempted to flee. He was chased by Captain America to the top of the broadcasting tower and was saved from a fatal flaw. Captain America then forced the Jester to laugh on air to Dorothy's jokes before turning him over to the authorities.

According to Bucky, the Jester was sentenced to 99 years in prison for his crimes. The ultimate fate of the Jester is unknown.


The Jester used a number of offensive weapons against his foes such as gas pellets containing laughing gas, and balloons in his likeness that gave off blinding magnesium flares.

The Avengers, Thor & Captain America: Official Index to the Marvel Universe Vol 1 entry onCaptain America Comics #65 states that this Jester could possibly be Johnnie Pinkham who was known as the "Jester of Death" from Captain America Comics #40. However, examination of the two characters shows that they are vastly different in appearance and motivations. Pinkham was depicted as an older man bent on revenge over a childhood of being bullied and the butt of practical jokes, while this Jester is depicted as a younger man who wishes to be recognized for his jokes.

The Jester's jokes (Read at your own risk):

"Why did the dog catcher quit? Because he finally caught the dog!"

"Question: What is parted faster than a fool and his money? Answer: A lady jokester and her cash!"

"Know what the man said when a friend offered to lend him a book? 'I don't need a book! I already have one!.' "

"Why did the chicken cross the road? To get the Hen's Egg Diamond!"

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