The past history of Jessica Drew on Earth-79101 mirrors that of her Earth-616 counterpart until her first mission with Hydra to attack a SHIELD base and assassinate their director Nick Fury. However, just as Fury would begin talking her out of her mission she would be interrupted by the arrival of Contessa Valentina de Fontaine. This unexpected interruption would cause Arachne to accidentally unleash her lethal venom blast, killing Fury. Arachne would flee the scene, with de Fontaine vowing to bring her to justice for murdering Fury.

Drew would return to Hydra headquarters where the Supreme Hydra Otto Vermis would continue to maintain her loyalty with promises of revealing her origins when SHIELD would attack the base. During the final chase, Vermis would abandon Drew to be captured by SHIELD and would seemingly be killed when his ship is shot down.

Jessica would be put on trail for the murder of Nick Fury, and she would attempt to defend herself by trying to explain that his death was an accident. The court would be surprised by the sudden arrival of Otto Vermis, alive and well, to testify as a witness. When he would reveal to the court that Jessica was really a spider mutated into human form, Drew would refuse to believe it and attempt to flee the court with Vermis in order to find the truth. When SHIELD agents attempted to stop her, she would leave Vermis behind and escape.

Altering her costume and changing her name to Spider-Woman, Jessica would then travel the globe avoiding capture and seeking answers about her past. She was last seen in France, while investigating her connection to Wundagore Mountain. She would learn that it was owned by a man named Jonathan Drew (little suspecting that the man was her father) before her informant attempted to capture her to collect the reward for her capture. Her present activities are unknown.

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