Jesse Johns was one of the men sent for to meet with Matt Slade Jr. aboard his submarine, the Lobo II. Slade explained to the men that his son Matt Slade III had been piloting an experimental aircraft over occupied Poland and crash-landed, he sought the men's help in freeing his son from the Nazis. The three men agreed and spent the next several days training in the use of the experimental XF5U-2 Flapjack aircraft before setting off for Poland. The men were told that Slade was being held prisoner in a secret Nazi base called Murder Mountain.

During the rescue attempt on Murder Mountain, it appeared that Johns was killed when his rotor was hit by the Steel Kommando and his Flapjack hit a sky-mine which then exploded. Johns returns, however, to help his friends escape from Murder Mountain with Slade III with them, and they successfully make it back to the Lobo II. The Sky-Wolves return to Murder Mountain the next day and succeed in blowing it up. Johns, along with the rest of the Wolves, decides to stay and help fight against the Nazis for the rest of the war.




Jesse Johns was the best escape artist in the world in 1940. He was trained both in the use of the Flapjack aircraft, and in the use of firearms.


Johns always had several escape-artist tools hidden in his beret.


Lobo II


XF5U-2, various conventional weaponry

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