Jailbait was one of Leader's gamma radiated servants. Before her transformation her real name was Jessie Harrison and she lived in Middletown, Arizona. She was planning to run away from home with her boyfriend, Lou, the night that Leader blew up the town.

In an attempt to gain more test subjects for his experiments, Leader detonated a controlled gamma bomb in a Middletown which killed over 5000 people. The blast created five new superhuman enforcers whom Leader used to build the hidden society called Freehold in the Arctic. Jailbait has fought the Hulk on a few occasions with the other survivors of Middletown.

Jailbait left the Leader and the Riot Squad to piece her life back together with her boyfriend Lou. Later, in a motel in South Dakota, Hotshot claimed the devil had gotten into Jessie. He had tied her to a chair and claimed to be alive when he left her seeking help. Seeking a priest for an exorcism, Hotshot was beaten by the Hulk and taken into custody. The police went to the motel and found Jessie dead, her neck broken.


Jailbait has the mental power to create energy 'cages' around whatever she sees. The 'cage' keeps her prisoner confined until she loses focus.

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