Jerry Alton is the brother of Edith Alton. During the 1940's he worked with the Allied forces as a spy. Infiltrating a Nazi base in Africa, he soon learned his sister and her companion, the jungle man known as Trojak, were planning on attacking the base. He convinced them to stand down so that he could complete his mission by rigging the base with explosives. Jerry was soon captured and found that his sister and Trojak were prisoners as well. They were freed when Trojak's tiger companion Balu set off the explosives, freeing them and slaying the Nazis[1].

Shortly thereafter, Jerry fell ill and required the nectar from the Devil-Flower to be cured. Torjak and Edith clashed with the Gemba Tribe to collect the nectar and save Jerry's life[2].

Jerry's subsequent activities are unrevealed.


Jerry was a capable soldier, spy, and demolitions expert.

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