The Jericho Missile was an experimental missile created by the Stark Industries subsidiary AccuTech[1] to assist the United States Army in Afghanistan.

The Jericho Missile was developed by Stark Industries for the United States Army in Afghanistan. Tony Stark was meant to display the missile's capabilities to the military spectators attending there. While there on a military escort, he was ambushed by the Ten Rings and held captive in order to build them a Jericho missile. However, Stark built Iron Man Armor MK I instead and escaped.

Obadiah Stane latter sold Jericho Missiles to the Ten Rings which were then destroyed by Iron Man. Since then, Stark Industries has stopped manufacturing these weapons after Tony Stark have witnessed how they were used in battle.[2]


The Jericho separated into 16 smaller missiles upon being launched. Each of these projectiles spreads across the area causing a chain of explosions and an enormous shock wave.

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