Jenny was a donkey that lived during the days of the American Frontier, she was owned by gold prospector Alkali Ike. Ike decided to prospect the Mystery Mine in the town of Gloryville, a mine that was rumoured to be haunted. In order to search the mine uninterrupted, Ike covered himself and Jenny of phosphorescent dust and relied on Jenny's braying in the echo filled mine to scare people away. However the pair helped famous cowboy Tex Taylor capture the outlaw named the Road Runner[1].

Ike became a sometime sidekick to Tex and regularly rode Jenny along side Taylor on his various adventures.

Jenny carried Ike to locations such as Gloryville[1], Yellow Valley[2], Mayan temples in Texas[3], Eagle City[4], Mesquite Valley[5], and Devil-Tree Plateau, Navada[6], the Rio Grand and parts of Mexico[7].

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