Jennifer Walters led a rather dull life as a trial lawyer. Angered by a fight with her husband, Augustus Pugliese, Jennifer wanted an escape and decided to Albert E. DeVoor's technology to vacation on "Earth-B" and temporarily gain the superpowers of her Earth-B counterpart.[2]

During her vacation, Jennifer had several adventures including a sexual affair with Juggernaut[1][2] and battling the Rhino.[2]

Jennifer was eventually captured by Code: Blue along with several other "Alphas". After being confronted by her depowered Earth-B counterpart, the pair teamed up to bring in the Alpha Wrecker. With her powers gone due to Iron Man's nanites, Earth-616 Jennifer planned to return to Earth A while her vacationing counterpart remained in her place as She-Hulk. However, during the transdimensional transfer, Reed Richards was able to restore She-Hulk's abilities. With her counterpart's powers restored, Jennifer Walters Alpha went back to her home reality and reconciled with her husband.[2]


Jennifer has no natural powers, but while visiting Earth-616 she is granted the Earth-616 counterpart.[1][2]

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