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A tourist from another reality who was angry at her husband, Augustus Pugliese, and wanted an escape, Jennifer Walters journeyed through a commercially available reality warp that took her to the mainstream reality and put her in a form exactly like her alternate reality counterpart, prior to being injected with nanites by Iron Man (Tony Stark).

While in the mainstream reality, Jennifer carried-out many (mostly unknown) adventures impersonating her counterpart (including sleeping with Juggernaut). Jennifer was eventually captured by Code: Blue, while battling an Earth-A counterpart of the Rhino. After being confronted by her mainstream counterpart, Jennifer teamed with her counterpart to bring in an Earth-A Dirk Garthwaite. Eventually, the various counterparts were rounded up and sent back to their home reality. Jennifer Walters of the mainstream reality decided to go with them, feeling she had no place on her own earth since Iron Man's nanites had depowered her. During the transfer, Reed Richards (who was in charge of sending the duplicates back) realized that if he brought the mainstream Jennier back halfway through the transfer, she could be restored to a nanite-free version of her original form. With this solved, Jennifer Walters of Earth-A went back to her home reality and reconciled with her husband.

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