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History of character is unknown.


  • Aladdin Enhancements: Siren was a child genetically engineered by Aladdin using early Bio-Con elements.
    • Ultra Strength
    • Ultra Reflexes
    • Indestructible Skeleton: Siren has bones fashioned from organic metal, giving her significant resistance to impact.
  • Black September Jumpstart: During the reality altering Black September effect, Siren was transported from the Ultraverse to the Marvelverse while also manifesting new Ultra traits. The face paint she originally applied with make-up had spread over her body, giving her permanently chalk-white skin and facial tattoos.
    • Hydrokinesis:
    • Subliminal Influence: Siren can implant powerful hypnotic suggestions in the minds of other people using her voice, altering their behavior to fit her commands.


She is a master thief.

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