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Jennifer Grünwald

Jen Gruenwald

Real Name
Jennifer Grünwald
Jennifer Gruenwald; Jennifer Grunwald



Date of Birth

Professional History

Jennifer Grünwald — often misspelled Gruenwald — (born August 1, 1980) is an associate editor for Marvel Comics, working primarily in the trades and collections department of Marvel Entertainment's publishing division since 2002, is a credited editor on several of Marvel's titles and has been a contributing author on many of Marvel's recent Official Handbooks.

Jennifer Grunwuald

Ultimate Spider-Man 95

A vampire appearing in Ultimate Spider-Man during summer 2006 (issues 95 and 96) was named after her by writer Brian Michael Bendis. [1] She was also drawn into a back-up story in the Stan Lee Meets Doctor Strange one shot along with several of Marvel's other editors.

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