While stalking a group of drug dealers, Anti-Venom came across Jenna Cole, a teenage drug addict living on the streets. Eddie decided to let the dealers escape for the night knowing that they would be back on the streets soon enough anyway and instead followed Jenna, using his powers to purge the drugs from her body. Now sober, Jenna was given a card for a FEAST shelter by Anti-Venom. She thanked him, not getting frightened by Anti-Venom's appearance because she thought she was still hallucinating due to her drugs.

Jenna was seen shortly afterwards, at the FEAST shelter, where she seemed hesitant to ask for help and was ready to leave, but Aunt May insisted she stay, even after one of the other volunteers told May they were not taking on new residents.

An unknown amount of time later, Eddie is back to his main goal, to protect the innocent, and to "cure evil". Jenna returns, as Eddie's informant and key into the world of drugs, he uses her to infiltrate a gang. While taking down a gang member who keeps calling Jenna the nickname "Jenna the Junkie", it is revealed Eddie still has unresolved anger issues, when he nearly kills the man. Jenna tells him to stop, so he does.

After taking down that drug hideout, Jenna uses her skills to locate another. She goes there, Eddie following her and in a fight in which The Punisher eventually gets involved, Jenna is kidnapped and taken across the border. Anti-Venom goes along with the Punisher in his van after her. The Punisher still thinks of Eddie as a killer, saying he has not changed a bit, which makes Eddie uncertain further. Frank says that the only reason he takes Eddie in the Van is because he knows no way to kill him. When they arrive, the Punisher drops Eddie off where he asks, heading to another area. Eddie walks into a room full of guards, and has a phone conversation with the Drug Lord, who reveals he has Jenna, high out of her mind due to falling back into drugs.

Once realizing that Jenna had been forced back into drug addiction, Eddie loses it, grabbing a guard and literally tears him in half in rage. After killing everyone, Anti-Venom, along with the returning Punisher, went to the Drug Lord's base. Brock goes and infiltrates the base while the Punisher goes in quietly. After killing two people, the Drug Lord hits Anti-Venom with a car. Then the Drug Lord keeps talking about how much of a junkie Jenna is, which infuriates Anti-Venom and he picks up the Drug Lord's car and smashes it onto the Drug Lord. Eddie then hugs Jenna and puts Jenna in the Drug Lord's car. The Punisher, secretly, attempts to shoot Anti-Venom, unfortunately running out of ammunition at the last second. Jenna and Anti-Venom get in the car, driving off.

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