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While defending his neighborhood from an attacking gang, Jefferson Reed was hit by a meteorite. When he woke up in the hospital, he found he had developed weird superhuman abilities, which he then used to fight for justice.


Superhuman Strength:
Super Speed:
Healing Power:
X-Ray Vision:
Laser Vision:
Freezing Breath:
Imbue Fertility:
Telepathy with dogs:
Can absorb a book's content by touch:

Meteor Man is a comic book spin-off of the 1993 MGM film The Meteor Man.

Marvel Comics produced a 6-issue limited series where Meteor Man met Spider-Man and Night Thrasher.

The fictional superhero was created by director/actor/writer, Robert Townsend.

In the 1993 Movie, the comic book being read by Ms. Reed before she begins making costumes is Iron Man #268.

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