Jeff and Jock Blintz were identical twins who by 1946 were expert bank robbers. The two conspired to commit a series of robberies in Chicago and San Francisco, pretending to be the same man in order to trip up the Whizzer by appearing to be making robberies in each city in a matter of minutes.

Jock first robbed the Chicago Third National Bank, and as he was escaping he called the Whizzer telling him that he intended to rob a house boat in San Francisco in a matter of minutes. When the Whizzer rushed to Chicago, he found the bank deserted and rushed to San Francisco where he witnessed Jeff fleeing his robbery. When attempting to stop Jeff, the Whizzer was knocked out. Rushing to the house boat to answer a phone, he was told by Jock that he was going to rob the Chicago Trust Bank and that there was a bomb aboard the boat. The Whizzer managed to escape before the bomb exploded and rushed off to Chicago. Spotting the Whizzer from his helicopter, Jeff followed after, hoping to warn his brother of the Whizzer's survival.

The Whizzer arrived at the Chicago Trust Bank first, but was forced into the safe by a blow torch and sealed inside to suffocate. The Whizzer however used his super-speed to turn the time lock faster to open the safe early. Outside, Jeff's helicopter arrived to pick up his brother and the two twins and their gang were easily captured by the Whizzer.[1]

Jeff and Jock's subsequent fate is unknown.


Jeff travelled by a helicopter.


The Brothers Blintz had access to various firearms and explosives, and a blow torch.

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