Dr Jeanne Chretien was on an environmental survey mission to the Arctic Circle. Her plane was brought down by the emergence of the Fire Fountain. She and the other members of the crew gained superhuman abilities and physiologies. Their leader, Master Builder built a city for them to inhabit.

Eventually, the super-human teams the X-Men and Alpha Flight came to their city to find Cyclops. While there, it was discovered the Fire Fountain was created by Loki and that he could transform all the people in the world, eliminating hunger and poverty. However, those people with pre-existing super-human powers wouldn't be changed. The price for the transformation was revealed to be a person's creativity. After changing, they lost the ability to create anything original. Those who were transformed rejected the gift and Loki was forced by Those Who Sit Above in Shadow to shut the Fountain down and restore them to normal.


Earth-Mover had the ability to control earth and rock with her will.

Strength level

Physically far superior to normal humans

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