Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

The Jath'Che are a class of Shi'ar/Mephitisoid hybrids that acted as defenders of the M'Kraan Crystal. When the emperor of the Shi'Ar empire was murdered by his son D'Ken, D'Ken would have the Jath'Che exiled to the planet Ch'Reesharaa to live the life of farmers.

When the X-Ternals would teleport to Ch'Reesharaa, they would meet with Jonath a member of the Jath'Che. Jonath would explain to them of his origins before helping them battle the Imperial Guard. Jonath would be crystallized by the unstable M'Kraan Crystal[3]


Human mutant/Shi'ar hybrid Neramani-related Adam-X was raised on Ch'Reesharaa by a farmer named Jonath.[4]

They were seemingly decimated, but the Imperial Guard kept them under their watch.[2]


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