Jason Praed aka Crossbow was is a British assassin for hire. When King Micah takes a tour of the Manhattan subway system Crossbow fired a bolt at Micah. Daredevil lept upon the scene and kicks Micah out of the way. Micah's wife Sara falls off the ramp onto the tracks. Daredevil then jumps down and covers her as a train passes harmlessly over them. Crossbow gets away.Later, Crossbow reports his failure to kill Micah to his employer, Lord Barrington Synn. Synn is actually a distant relative of Micah who wishes to avoid a British scandal should such information ever be made public. Later, Debbie Franklin decides to host a party in honor of King Micah. Matt wants Debbie's husband, Foggy, to drop Micah as a client. Foggy is uncomfortable with the situation. That night, Debbie throws the party and dozens of New York socialites are in attendance to see Micah. Debbie even shares a secret moment of intimacy with Micah behind closed doors. Crossbow arrives again, but Matt is ready for him this time. Cornering Crossbow on the balcony he asks him who hired him. But before Crossbow can answer, Micah attacks Daredevil from behind. Daredevil knocks him back and renders Crossbow unconscious. [1]

Micah got a restraining order against Daredevil; Kingpin catches Micah's men poaching and teaches them a lesson; Micah breaks Crossbow out of prison and uses him to lure DD into a trap; Crossbow ambushed Daredevil and puts an arrow through his forearm. Daredevil holds off his two assailants until the police arrive. They escort Daredevil out as he is violating his restraining order. By sniffing the torn remnants of the costume Daredevil has left behind, Micah learns that Daredevil and Murdock are one and the same. [2]

Laying low for a few weeks, Crossbow tried to arrange for a clandestine exit to return home. He ended up getting in touch with an IRA underground railroad, coordinated by a contact known as the Old Woman of Beare. However, Daredevil found Crossbow before he could be extradited, since he was at that point tracking down the IRA killer known as the Gael.After Crossbow gave him precious information about the Old Woman of Beare network, Daredevil handed him over to the police.[3]


Crossbow is a master at archery, and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


Crossbow wields mediaeval-style weaponry, notably the crossbow.

Enemy of Daredevil.

Jason Praed's name is a combination of the name of the two actors - Jason Connery and Michael Praed - who played Robin Hood in the British TV series Robin of Sherwood (1984).

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