The first Speed Demon was Jay Garrick, who bonded with Etrigan in the Golden Age. His greatest foe was the Night Spectre, an evil demon who collects souls, as they were the source of his power. Jay Garrick eventually retires as Speed Demon, but was forced to come out of retirement as a much older man, years after the Golden Age had ended, in order for him to fight against the Night Spectre. As the Speed Demon once again, Jay Garrick plays a major part in the Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour, a huge event that spans across the entire Amalgam Universe, He dies during the event, and the Night Spectre captures Garrick's soul upon his death. His soul was later by the second and third Speed Demons.


Super-speed, generation and manipulation of fire, super-strength, and flight


None known

Strength level



none known

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