Very little is known about Jasmin's background. She and her sister, Bella, were raised in an organization of unknown origin and ideology. Jasmin tried to break free, but they tracked her down and used a photo of her sister being tortured (which was actually staged), to blackmail Jasmin into stealing the work of Dr. Ronald Pratt.

Jasmin got access to Pratt's facility, posing as one of the security guards, Betty, whom she drugged to get out of the way. She got into Pratt's lab, just as the doctor was in the middle of a process to cure David Banner. Jasmin's presence stopped the experiment, along with causing Pratt to collapse and Banner to Hulk out.

While originally freaked out, by the Hulk (thinking he was something they'd created at the lab), she soon found herself allied with Banner, even loving him and helping him in and out of a hospital, to visit Dr. Pratt. And, when Pratt and his wife, were kidnapped by her former organization, she went with David to save them.

During the rescue, Jasmin's sister and Zed, tried to kill her, using the small plane they were on. This sent David into shock and Hulked out, in what would ultimately be his final moments. As David was dying, she begged him not to, as they could be free now. David then told her, that he was free and died, leaving Jasmin to cry over his body. It's unknown what happened to her, after David's death.[1]


  • Master of Disguises: Jasmin is an expert in disguising herself and can quickly change her appearance, with the aid of wigs, make-up and an extra set of clothes, hidden under the clothes she's wearing.

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