Jasker Jelko was the sharpshooting star attraction of a travelling carnival. He was regarded as the greatest marksman around, and the carnival put up a $1000 dollar prize to anyone who could best him in a competition of marksmanship. Jelko had begun to let his ego get the best of him and dared anyone to try and challenge him.

When Jelko saw the rather short Rawhide Kid, he challenged him. Jelko mocked his small stature without realizing who the Kid really was. As the Kid was trying to avoid attracting attention to himself he refused the challenge and walked away, fuming. Later, the carnival owner fired Jelko for having become too careless and brazen, prompting Jelko to attempt to rob the carnival and "straighten out" his former boss. The Kid, however, had followed him. The Kid outdrew the astonished Jelko and put on a shooting display of his own. When Jelko realized that he was facing the Rawhide Kid, he gave up and turned himself in to the authorities.


Jelko was an incredible marksman with his pistols, surpassed only by the Rawhide Kid. Jelko was able to shoot the flame of a match, hit a coin in midair and shoot a playing card directly through the middle in midair, among other feats.



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