This version of the Wasp lived in a reality where the heroes and villains who participated in the conflict known as the Secret Wars never returned to Earth from Battleworld. After the deaths of some of their number, they made peace with each other and settled in a suburb of Denver that formed part of the patchwork planet.

Wasp married her reality's Human Torch, and together they had a son, Matthew. Matthew inherited Janet's shrinking powers and wings, and Johnny's pyrokinetic powers. When the son of Doctor Doom, Vincent tried to ignite hostilities again, Matthew (who called himself Firefly) and some other children of the heroes teamed up to oppose Vincent and the children of the other villains. Wasp and the other retired heroes went back into action and battled robots Vincent had created. The heroes triumphed, and Hulk invented a machine to transport them all back to Earth, but Matthew and the other kids used the machine, ending up on a world taken over by the Sentinels, who they vowed to fight. It is unknown what happened to the Wasp and other heroes left on Battleworld.


Seemingly those of Janet van Dyne (Earth-616)#Powers.

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