Janet was a darling of the Monte Carlo casino. She turned a modest inheritance into millions by playing the long odds. She was given the nickname "Domino." Looking for more excitement, she financed her own ill-fated expedition, where she fell off a cliff into a gas cloud below. The volcanic gasses activated her mutant powers.

Niles Cable asks Janet to join the X-Patrol in the hope of saving the future he is from. On their first mission, they are attacked by Doctor Doomsday. Janet sees images of DC and Marvel superheroes on his computer screen and learns that Doctor Doomsday wants to control their minds. Janet shrinks herself and goes inside the computer and then grows to super size, destroying the computer. Then she hears Niles being hurt by Dr. Doomsday. While escaping from Dr. Doomsday's castle on a boat, Niles tells her he can't feel his legs.

After another mission in Exciting X-Patrol, the team loses Niles to Brother Brood. Janet becomes team leader to rescue Niles. She also recruits a mystery man named Jericho, who has feelings for her. Janet realizes she also has feeling for him, but can't figure out why since she is in love with Niles. The team breaks into the Brood hideout, Janet takes out Terra-X who had betrayed the team in the past.

Elast-Girl was responsible for putting Terra-X out of action by damaging the traitor's ear-canal from the inside at miniature size. Janet finds Niles, but he has been taken over by the Brood. Janet then learns that Jericho is a younger version of Niles from another timeline and comes to understand why she had feelings toward him.


She possesses the power to shrink or expand into any size she wishes


None known

Strength level



None known

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