During a stressful time in Wasp's marriage with Yellowjacket, the Avengers were attacked by the interdimensional Elfqueen. After the Elfqueen had surrendered, she was hit with an electric burst by Yellowjacket, and she retaliated by killing him. Following Yellowjacket's funeral, the Wasp was extremely distraught and angry at Captain America for being angry at Yellowjacket for striking a surrendering foe. She then went to the press and told them, despite the truth that Captain America gave them, that Yellowjacket had died in the line of duty, protecting innocent lives. Back inside Avengers Mansion, Captain America tried to explain to Wasp why he had been angry with Yellowjacket, but she ignored his words and accused him of using Yellowjacket as a scapegoat. Wasp was then taken by Tigra for some fresh air, where she was invited by her to go shopping at Bloomingdale's to help take her mind off of the tragedy. Wasp declined and decided to visit one of the rougher parts of New York City, where two small-time hoods attempted to rob her. Calling herself the Black Wasp, she savagely attacked the crooks and even gave them an extra wasp's sting "for Hank". At the next Avengers meeting, Wasp was confronted by Captain America about her recent activities as the Black Wasp, but before their argument could continue, Jarvis interrupted their meeting to inform them of an out-of-control fire at the Fortune Jewelry Building. As the fire raged, the building's ceiling nearly collapsed atop Captain America while Wasp just stood and watched, feeling that Captain America did not warn Yellowjacket when the Elfqueen attacked. Fortunately, Tigra pushed Cap out of the way and took the weight of the falling ceiling herself, forcing Wasp to see that Yellowjacket's death was an accident and that Avengers protect one another. Making it out okay, the Avengers returned to the mansion, where Wasp decided to quit the team, feeling like she didn't belong there anymore.


Seemingly those of Janet van Dyne (Earth-616)#Powers

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