Janet Van Dyne was presumably a mutant, whose power to reduce her size, grow wings for flight, and to fire bio-electric blasts of energy manifested at puberty. She eventually married the scientist Henry "Hank" Pym aka Ant-/Giant-Man.


Seemingly those of Janet van Dyne (Earth-1610).

Size Reduction: Janet's primary power was the mutant ability to reduce her bodily size through force of will. Janet appeared to have some control over her exact proportions, as she was able to fit inside the Hulk's nose and also be longer than the hand of an average man. She retained her normal strength while reduced in size.

Flight: Janet was capable of sprouting a two pairs of insect-like wings from her back. These wings allowed her to fly at an unknown maximum speed. She could grow her wings out at her full size, but it appears that she may not be able to actually fly until she shrinks to a certain size. This is different from her many counterparts, in which Janet must be at a reduced size in order for her wings to grow out.

Bio-Electrical Blasts: Janet was also capable of producing blasts of bio-electrical energy that she called her "Wasp Stings". These stings varied in potency, depending on her size. While her size was reduced, Janet could utilize painful shocks that harmed even super-humanly durable beings. While at full size, however, her blasts would kill a human in the same way that a lightning bolt would.


Janet appears to be quite well versed in fighting techniques that make full use of her Size Reduction powers.

Strength level

Janet possesses the strength level of a woman her age, build, and height who engages in intensive regular exercise.


Janet is just as vulnerable as any other human, despite her superhuman powers. She can be easily crushed at small size. Her stings also weaken when she is shrunken.


Flight under her own power

This version of Janet Van Dyne-Pym/Wasp is based on her Ultimate counterpart. This can be easily seen in her choice of costume and her Asian features.

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