This world's Wasp became a victim of an experiment gone wrong when her husband, Dr. Hank Pym's work on his Pym Particles caused Janet to not be able to grow back to her normal size. After this, Pym went to work for Tony Stark in helping him create his army in exchange for using his lab to hopefully undo the damage done to his wife. Jan spent most of her time in a fortified glass cylinder.[1]

Janet van Dyne (Earth-TRN340) 0001 (187)

Janet in confinement

During the incarceration of the Dark Avengers from Earth-616, Pym helped Dr. Covington restore her fellow teammates to fighting form, and in return she helped him with his formula with the hope of restoring Janet back to normal size. Soon Stark found out about Pym's treachery and in retaliation used his repulsor ray to flash fry Pym, killing him, while Jan witnessed it in horror. After the Dark Avengers defeated Stark and forced his brain to flee his armor, with his last breath, Pym pulled a lever to activate the Pym Particles, causing Janet to grow.[2]

Janet van Dyne (Earth-TRN340) 0002 187

Janet watching Iron Man attacking Hank

During the last battle where Iron Man was fighting Ragnarok, Stark ordered the rest of his army to engage the enemy but was surprisingly stepped on by an oversized Wasp.[3]


Seemingly those of the Janet van Dyne of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Janet van Dyne of Earth-616.

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