Early Life

Dr. Janet Stein and her husband Victor are scientists that live and operate in Los Angeles. They made a fortune from inventing a tool that removes stickers from CD's.[1] As world-renowned brilliant scientists and inventors even Tony Stark was once impressed by their work.[2]

The Pride

In they 1984 were abducted by the Gibborim. These extra-dimensional needed the two humans to help bring their plan to fruition. The Steins along with five other couples, from LA formed the secret group called the Pride. The group was brought together by the Gibborim to bring about the new world order. The couples each had their own unique powers and abilities, which were augmented by the Gibborim in different ways. The couple had both their intelligence increased. The accidental conception of Chase Stein is the event that led his parents and the other members of the Pride decided to pass on their inheritance from the Gibborim to their children.[3]

The Gibborim offer to the Pride was that that 6 of the 12 members would be saved after the world ended. The plan changed after a few years, as the couples started having children, they decided to have one each and let them have their place in the planned future Utopia.


  • Genius Intelligence: Stein was already a genius inventor, but the Gibborim increased it when she came under their service. As the scientists and engineers of the group she and her husband created advanced weapons, tech, and transport for the The Pride.[4]

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