Jimmy Urich was a television and newspaper reporter who reported on the activities of Big Question, the Mayor of New Gotham City. He was a constant thorn at the side of the Mayor.[1]

One night, an editorial by Urich was broadcast on television. It was once again on the Mayor. Urich criticized the fact that a convicted felon was in office. He thought this did not suit New Gotham City but Washington, D.C. He then reported rumors that the Mayor was a mere puppet and Dr Strangefate was the puppet-master.[1]

Later that night, Urich was at his apartment. It was reportedly filled with typewriter ribbons and cigarette butts. He received a phone call by Catsai about an exclusive on the Mayor. He did not know if the source was reliable but agreed to check it out.[1]

Urich took a helicopter to the Arkham Tower, where the Mayor resided. He approached the Tower and located Big Question. The villain was hanging upside down from the antennae at the top of the Tower, mostly naked and bleeding. Jimmy started taking photos and planned to sell them to J. Jonah White. The following day, one of Urich's photos made the front page of the Gotham Bugle and the accompanying article proclaimed the Question finished. The Mayor was a public laughing stock.[1]

  • Jimmy Urich is a skilled reporter, but his overall appearance is rather disheveled. His red hair is uncombed and rather wild and his mouth is rarely without a cigarette in it.
  • Jimmy Urich is apparently a chain smoker.
  • Jimmy Urich is one of two Amalgam characters based on Jimmy Olsen. The other is Jimmy Olsen. They somewhat resemble each other, though it is unclear if they are related.
  • Jimmy Urich is partly based on one one of Superman's oldest and most prominent supporting characters. Jimmy first appeared in 1938, though he was not named and fleshed out until 1941. He has since gained in prominence. He was the protagonist of his own series from 1954 to 1974.
  • It is unclear whether Jimmy Urich has any powers. Jimmy Olsen has made a career out of gaining, losing, and regaining super powers. His power-ups often last no more than a story or two, though some of his sets of powers are recurring. His most prominent superhero identity is w:c:DC:Elastic Lad, in which he displays elastic powers similar to Plastic Man, Elongated Man, and Mister Fantastic.
  • Jimmy Urich's unseen associate J. Jonah White is apparently an amalgam of Perry White and J. Jonah Jameson. Gotham Bugle, White's newspaper, is apparently an Amalgam version of the Daily Bugle.

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