Not much is known about the costumed criminal Bollix, although what is known is he used his athletic prowess and equipment to make himself look like a criminal version of his arch-enemy. He was subdued by the superhero and member of the Squadron Supreme, Whizzer when he and his partner the Rustler committed a robbery. Despite the fact they were both wearing force field-generating belts, the Whizzer had little difficulty in capturing them and turning them over to police custody.[1]

James Sanders (Earth-712), Stanley Stewart (Earth-712), and Rustler (Earth-712) from Squadron Supreme Vol 1 8 0001

James Sanders was killed along with the other natives of Earth when this reality was destroyed.[2]


Bollix wore a belt capable of creating a personal force field around himself. His athletic equipment enable him to maximize his own aptitude as a prolific, if not superhuman, runner.


Force field belt, athletic equipment to maximize physical aptitude and provide bodily protection

Bollix's counterpart on Earth-616, Speed Demon had devised the means to chemically enhance his own natural abilities to gain superhuman speed, thanks to the intervention of the Grandmaster who sought a doppleganger for the heroic Whizzer to use versus the Avengers.

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