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The true Jamie Madrox was in fact under the hypnotic control of Lorelei and was used by the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy to send hordes of his duplicates on a killing spree. The original Jamie Madrox believed himself to be a normal teenager and Lorelei was his mother, as he continued pumping out duplicates for Magneto's cause. [1]

He was once an entire mutant rights protest march and served as a loyal henchman to Magneto. A sample of his stem cells were stolen by the French military to create a "mutate" (a genetically-modified mutant as opposed to those who developed mutant powers naturally) called the Schizoid Man, with similar powers, who could stop riots singlehandedly. [2]

Madrox appeared alongside Mastermind, Blob, and Toad when they gate-crashed the Academy of Tomorrow's Homecoming dance. [3]

One of his duplicates was killed by Wolverine during the Ultimatum event, believing it was the original Madrox. [1]

Later, Quicksilver started using Multiple Man and his duplicates to produce helmets similar of his father's. [4]


Duplication: Jamie Madrox was a mutant who was able to create duplicates of himself. He can create 27 or 28 before, as he puts it, "starts seeing deja-vu". Every clone he creates splits his consciousness which damages his memory after too many are created.

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