As on Earth-616, James Hudson was the founder of the Flight, which had Guy Desjardins, the subject of a failed Weapon X experiment, foisted upon it. Against warnings by colleague Walter Langkowski, he took Desjardins in, hoping to reach the rational mind buried deep within. Instead, Weapon X inevitably broke loose and went on a cross-country killing spree. Reluctantly, Hudson donned the “Groundhog” power armor he had originally built for geological exploration, and joined the Flight in confronting Desjardins. Unfortunately, in his rage, Weapon X killed each of them in turn, the Groundhog providing no defense and hampering Hudson’s movements with its bulkiness. Run through with Desjardins’ spikes, Hudson spent his last moments regretting his decision to take his untested team on such a mission, despite consoling words from a similarly wounded Snowbird.


James Hudson had all the scientific knowledge and expertise of his Earth-616 counterpart. While on missions with the Flight, he used firearms and eventually a suit of armor called “Groundhog”.


Groundhog Armor: Rather than the refined Guardian costume that Department H helped Hudson develop on Earth-616, Groundhog was basically the clunky prototype suit originally built for a Canadian oil company. Although it provided a measure of super-strength, flight, and was armed with electromagnetic blasters, it was unwieldy and hampered Hudson's range of movements, proving more of a hindrance against Weapon X.

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