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The oldest part of Logan´s history that is shown is when he was shown with his girlfriend Mariko Yashida on a boat until he was attacked by A.I.M. soldiers.

Perhaps a possibly older part of Logan/Wolverine's history was when he was sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to steal a Carbonadium synthesizer from a military facility in Siberia, where he first faced off against Omega Red.

Logan later became a member of the X-Men as Wolverine. When Jean Grey went on a rampage due to losing control of the Phoenix Force, Wolverine and the other X-Men fought to stop her. She eventually sacrificed herself in order to prevent herself from destroying the world. After her death the X-Men disbanded. When Professor X later decided to reform the X-Men, Logan was the first to join and helped him regain Cyclops.


Seemingly those of James Howlett of Earth-616


Seemingly those of James Howlett of Earth-616


X-Jet, motorcycle.

Voiced by Milo Ventimiglia in Wolverine Anime, Iron Man Anime and Blade Anime, and Steve Blum in X-Men Anime.

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