Wolverine was the sole survivor of the massacre of the X-Men by the Director of Weapon X and his Sentinels, a direct act of revenge by Colcord against Logan. Wolverine recovered and formed his own team of X-Men out of former allies and enemies, striking back against the program. They were eventually betrayed from within, however, when Agent Zero's old post-hypnotic control words were uncovered, turning him against the team.

Wolverine rebuilt again, with another team of X-Men, and eventually married his old friend Carol Danvers. The mutants remained in separate factions for too long, though...while they eventually joined into a single force, the Sentinels had become too powerful. Wolverine and the others attempted a last ditch effort to use Rachel Summers and recreate her trick with Kate Pryde from the Kelly assassination years earlier, but their efforts failed to prevent their future.


Seemingly those of James Howlett of Earth-616.

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