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Little is detailed about Wolverine’s life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-2149, however it can be presumed that it followed much the same path as his Earth-616 counterpart.

At the Xavier Institute, Wolverine and a number of X-Men, were battling a zombified Alpha Flight, when Magneto arrived, and propeled metallic debris through the zombies heads with his magnetic powers, and he asked them to help him save humanity.

Presumably, they got in contact with Nick Fury, and battled their way through the city to reach the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, which was acting as base of operations for the resistance. Here they heard Nick Fury tell them that it was the end of the world, and that everyone was now on the same side, including Magneto. Soon after, Wolverine was part of a team that returned to the surface, in order to try and kill the zombie threat, unfortunately he was overwhelmed and turned.

Beast and Reed Richards found a sizeable stash of meat in Latveria and the surrounding area, so Wolverine and a huge horde of zombies headed off to lay siege to Castle Doomstadt. A few of them managed to get through the magical force-field protecting the castle, and confronted Dr. Doom, Scarlet Witch, and Ashley J. "Ash" Williams. Scarlet Witch was bitten by the zombified Punisher, and the other two made their getaways.

While searching for the meat, Logan was suddenly surrounded by the re-animated corpses of the Deadite Legion, though this was more of an inconvenience than anything else, as they were no match for his Adamantium claws. He, Hulk, and Thing crashed into a room as Ash stepped through a teleportation portal tossing a book behind him. Doom then destroyed the device, and as Thing gave Doom a clobberin’, Wolverine picked up the Book of the Dead. He told it that its Deadite army wasn’t good enough, and the Necronomicon begged not to be eaten, but Logan explained that they didn't eat books. They did, however, used it as toilet paper.

James Howlett (Earth-2149) 001

Ultimate Reed Richards and Galactus arrival

Prowling for food, back in New York, Logan smelled out a "tasty morsel", and follows it back to it's hiding place, then informed the other Zombies it's location, who later attacked the hiding place. They all missed out on a feed, however, when the survivors from there escaped to another dimension, with the help of it's fantastic four, who came to save Reed, the "tasty morsel".

In the rubble of the destroyed Baxter Building, Wolverine and a group of zombies confronted a remaining Magneto. Magnus escaped once more however, but they caught up with him once again when Wasp snuck up behind him and bit his neck. Immobilised Magneto was quickly torn apart by the gathered super-zombies.

Briefly sated, the Zombies sat around and tried to work out what was happening to them. Logan said that his mutant healing factor wasn’t working. Just then, Silver Surfer appeared in the sky, and their minds were quickly driven back to food.

Silver Surfer was attacked by most of the Zombies, though none of them seemed to be able to hurt him. Logan charged in with his Adamantium claws, but his necrotized flesh no longer could hold them in his arm. So, when he struck the Surfer’s indestructible skin, his claws were ripped from his arm. Iron Man, having lost his legs to the Surfer, asked Wolverine to throw him into the fray, with which Logan gladly helped

When Hulk, bit the Silver Surfer’s head off, Wolverine and a few of the others managed to get some of the Herald’s flesh, and somehow became imbued with the Power Cosmic. The newly Power Cosmic zombies decided to see if their necrotized compatriots tasted any better ‘cooked’ and so blasted them and ate them. But as they decided that they still tasted horrible,

Galactus appeared to devour the planet. The zombies tried to take the devourer of worlds, but were quickly overpowered, and so decided to make a tactical retreat. They decided to try to combine their Power Cosmic into one beam by building a kind of gun. After constructing it from Vibranium from Wakanda, they dragged it out to confront Galactus. But as they set it up, they saw a group of zombified super-villains attacking the space god.

Though he didn’t go down immediately, it only took a couple of shots to fell the devourer of worlds. Then it fell to the two groups of zombies to fight over the remains. Wolverine took out Juggernaut, and shifted his attentions to Sabretooth, then Doctor Octopus.

Galactus started to get up again, but the zombies fell on him before he could recover completely. As they finished off the world devourer, out of nowhere the dead bodies of the Fantastic Four flopped onto the street, followed closely by Doctor Doom, the zombies spotted him, and attacked. The zombies, thinking all the "food" of the world was gone, decided to use the powers cosmic to travel through space to eat life forms in other planets.

Skrull World

After travelling through the cosmos, devouring planets as they go, the Zombie Galacti arrive at the Skrull home planet. Wolverine rips through the defensive field with his claws, and the Galacti squeeze through. Like many of the civilisations before, the Skrulls try to defend themselves by firing missiles at them, but the zombified heroes destroy them easily with the Power Cosmic.

On reaching the planet surface Tony and Luke first came across some kind of bug, and they attacked that, then turned to gorge on the Skrull populace. With most of the Skrulls on the ground devoured, the Zombie Galacti, concentrate on the Skrull Warships circling them. Iron Man and the other Zombie Galacti penetrated the hulls of the warships and feasted on the delights within.

The Zombie Galacti devoured Skrulls in the city itself, with Wolverine slaughtering a line of Skrull soldiers. They seem unstoppable, but chasing after a group of Skrulls they run into the bug they met when they first arrived, this time, however, it has been zombified, and eats some of the Skrulls. The zombified heroes attack but the bug punches them into the side of a building far away. They decide to eat some more, before they attack again.

Cage told the others of his discovery of a possible way to get to another Earth, much to their delight. They confront the New Fantastic Four in a crashed Skrull ship, and demand that they hand over the Tran dimensional device that they have been using, the Zombie Galacti get into an argument about what they have become again, and the Fantastic Four use the distraction to escape.

Wolverine decides instead to search the Skrull ship for any injured Skrulls to snack on, but only comes across Thanos, and his mistress Death. They offer the Zombies a reward for their destruction; an end to their undeadness. Though Spider-Man discovers that they are far from what they seem. As the projections of Thanos and Death disappear, the two Skrulls beneath beg for their lives.

With the last of the Skrulls eaten, the Zombie Galacti decided to explore the Galactus element to their powers, and begin to consume the planet, eventually leaving themselves floating in space.

Forty Years Later

After traveling through the cosmos and eating planets for forty years, all the life in the universe was consumed, so Logan and the other zombies, at the edge of the known universe, dicided to go back to Earth and repair Reed's old Dimensonal travel machine and consume other dimensions. They consumed Ego, the living planet in the way back.

Back in earth, Ant-man decided to make a Breeding Camp in the New Wakanda, led by a zombified Black Panther. Logan immediatly attacked Spider-Man, who turned against Ant-man's idea and the other zombies, but was stopped by Luke Cage.

The good and bad zombies (the team Logan was) fought against each other, but a force field was activeted, separating the good zombies and humans from the bad ones, but the Gladiator was trapped inside and left behind along a unconscious Bruce Banner. At the baxter building, Logan and the others discover that the Dimensional machine was missing, but they knew it was wih the humans.

Returning to new wakanda, Wasp, Spider-Man, Power-Man and Black Panther would offer the machine if the zombies left them, and the humans, alone. But they lied to them and both teams fought once again. Logan and the rest of the bad zombies decided to consume the rest of the humans, but the hunger fade away. Banner gained his consciousness back and turned into Hulk. All the zombies tried to stop him from eating, but Iron Man, Phoenix, Firelord and Hawkeye were killed.

Reynolds, who was in love with the Wasp (who apperently was killed by Ant-man), offered the Hulk to eat him and spare the others. After eating Reynolds, Hulk changed back into Banner and he was voluntarily killed by the remaining zombies, including Logan, before he could become the Hulk again. Weeks later, Malcom Cortez, who hated all of them and their kind, tricked the remaing zombies sending all of them to other dimension: Earth-Z


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See the James Howlett of Earth-616

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See the James Howlett of Earth-616


See the James Howlett of Earth-616

  • A zombie Wolverine appeared in X-Factor, though according to Marvel, this was not intended to be Wolverine of Earth-2149.

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