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James Howlett was an agent of the Mutant Resistance.

Mutant Cure

At some point, he was informed by an infiltrate agent, the Doctor Rao that she and the Doctor Palance had created a mutant cure created, but this last wanted to used it on large scale, while Rao intended to make parsimonious use of it, for mutants wanting to get rid of their powers.

Trapped into the lab with the two doctors and the cure, he took the cure on Rao's plan to destroy it, to prevent it from being used against the mutants.[1]


As a result, his healing factor has regressed to the point it simply stops him from dying of adamantium poisoning. Short after, he was taken in custody by the lab's guards[1] but managed somehow to come to the Fortress X with Rao.

Unable to pop the claws, Logan don't fight with his fellows, but stay in the Fortress X, as a bar-tender, running the Rat Run where the combatants came to night after the fights.[2]

Sick of this condition, he often cut himself, trying to reactive his healing factor. Despite his sacrifice, mostly unknown, Wolverine did not receive respect or compassion and is assimilated to a coward.

During Legacy's escape from the X-Brig, he helped her hide from the Moonstar Cadre, and later secretly met Basilisk to tell him about his apprehensions .

When Moira Kinross send a massive army to destroy the Fortress X, he finally decide to engage the battle.


Seemingly those of James Howlett (Earth-616)#Powers, before taking the cure.


The cure to mutantism has reduce his healing factor to a state where it can just compensate adamantium poisoning. Wolverine can't be wounded or pop the claws without gravely endangering him.[2]

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